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December hasn't been good for musicians, first Scott Weiland and now Lemmy. Both times I was really confused.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Weiland's death was completely avoidable. Lemmy's, nobody saw coming. He was just diagnosed with cancer day before yesterday. Who could have known this would happen only two days later?

RIP to a bona fide metal legend, and condolences to his friends and loved ones.
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This has all happened way too quickly.

This really sucks.
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Nobody lives forever. Not even our heroes.

At least Lemme got to inspire and make his mark. RIP.
Good night, Lemmy - I think this expresses my feelings best:

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Totally gutted

I'm not one for emotions but I'm in tears

johnny [staff]
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RIP Lemmy! One of the best!
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I think he was suffering from Whiplash, and before you all start crying may i just quote the great man himself;
“Thats the way I like it baby I dont wanna live forever”
Good night and God bless
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RIP Lemmy.

Diagnosed & then dead days later!!
He must have been ill for a while & maybe not even knew?

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