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Hello! How is everyone

Hello, my name is Sarah. I'm new here, thought i would say hello
LoudLon [moderator]
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Hello back at ya, and welcome.
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Hi Sarah, welcome to BBT
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Hi Sarah

All good here especially as partaking in a few more midweek beers than usual as have a day off work tomorrow ☺

Essential preperation for tomorrow nights Ugly Kid Joe gig methinks!

Hope you enjoy your stay ,some very friendly and helpful people here in my experience

I already feel welcome, thank you

I'm from Newfoundland Canada, i have been a musician for 18 years.
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South Coast of England (home of Peter and the test tube babies ,who!) will play for beer ☺
You bet

where is everyone from?
I'm just learning to play bass and i was wondering if people here tab songs.

Great Big Sea - Consequence Free

Anyone? Its a complex song when i can learn
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Hi Sarah,

I'm a Canuck as well. Living in Toronto, but I have roots that go back to Grates Cove. I've kissed the Cod on more than one occasion

As for tabs - there is a section of this forum dedicated to requests. I'd suggest leaving your requests there.

Where abouts in NF are you?

LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1930
You bet where is everyone from?

I'm from the states, Kentucky. But my daughter lives in Canada. BC, to be specific.
St. Johns, I kissed the cod when I was 3 years old lol

I do have a request, Great Big Sea - Consequence Free.

How was kissing the Cod Guinny?

Oh wow, Kentucky. How's that?

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