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bass hardware question

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Hey guys,
I wanna ask a quick question. I have a Cort Action Bass that I've been playing for roughly 2 years and it's my first bass, but the sound isn't cutting it(apart from when I put on new strings), so I've been considering upgrading it. I'm thinking of putting a SPB-3 in the neck position, because I'm going for that P-bass tone. Is it worth the investment ?
I started out with a Cort Action bass. Had it for six months and learned on it but wasn't thrilled with the sound. I ended up selling it and buying a Fender Precision MIM. Haven't looked back. That was two years ago, and I still love playing the Fender.
x7echn0x - I haven't tried the SPB-3 pickups, but the reviews on these - people seem to be pretty happy with them. The Cort Action is a decent bass to work with, my question to you is.

What Amp/Cab/or combo are you playing with?

The way I see it, a person can play with a cheap bass and have it sound good through a good Amp setup, but having an inexpensive bass playing through a cheap Amp/Cab will not produce quality to your ears.

If you indeed are playing with an inexpensive Amp setup or cheap practice Amp, I'm willing to bet this is why you are not producing the quality that you are seeking.
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I'm a big fan of putting better hardware on a cheaper bass so I'd say yeah, swap the pick ups. What Seymour Duncan have done with these Quarter Pounders is fitted larger poles, Leo Fender did that 39 years ago on the MusicMan Stingray! Who said technology is like a runaway train?!!
Thanks for the replies!
defiant bass trends - I'm playing through a Cruzer CR-15B. I have a tight budget so I can't really afford a better amp setup right now, so I'm trying to make the best of what I have.
If I was in your shoes X7echn0x, I would save those funds and apply it to a better amplification equipment instead of adding new pickups to your bass. You can always upgrade the guitar later, but I'm afraid you are going to end up having the same results if you continue to play through a 15 watt - 6.5 inch speaker. This kind of practice amp is designed only to produce sound, not quality. Newer pickups will make little to no difference with your current amp combo.

It seems most people think that having the most popular or expensive bass guitar in their hands will solve their problems. This is not true at all, Quality starts with Amplification, not the bass guitar. You could play an overpriced American Pbass through your current setup, and guess what? It will still not sound well. — good luck in what you decide to do —
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DBT is making a very compelling point.

I have a Crate 15W combo practice amp, when I play my G&L at any decent volume it sounds terrible. When I plug it in my 400W Yorkville head and Eden 4x10 cab… Wow! Night and Day difference.

Putting a set of expensive tires on your Yugo isn't going to make your Yugo perform any better. It's still going to be a Yugo but with expensive tires on it.
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Putting a set of expensive tires on your Yugo isn't going to make your Yugo perform any better. It's still going to be a Yugo but with expensive tires on it.

That analagy doesnt really translate with putting better pick ups on whats basically a lump of wood, I dont know how many people actually know that Gibson dont use genuine Indian Rosewood on their instruments because its a right pain in the arse for them to get hold of it, nobody complains at the difference the alternative makes, wood is wood basically
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But its also true that a low watt amp with a tiny speaker wont get the best from your bass, you should buy at least a 300 watter, you may not use it to its maximum potential but its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it
Marko - About 3 weeks ago I picked up a Fender Rumble Version 3 Series (100 watt 12 inch Eminence ceramic magnet speaker) so I didn't need to haul my bigger stuff around when it didn't call for it.

As a previous owner of the V2 Rumble 150 (15 inch) - this was an item that I wished I had not sold.
I was very pleased with it, but the newer design is just as good, and possibly even better with the added features. I like the Ampeg tone that I usually thrive on, but I missed that nastiness that the Fender Rumble can produce.

Anyone in the market for a newer/better practice amp - Fender Rumble V3 Series is where it's at.
They are a little pricey, but damn worth it. I was able to grab a floor model from the store $270 out the door - the one I got retails for $299. I'm liking this little unit so much, in a few weeks down the road I'm gonna grab the Fender Rumble 500 watt head and add it to my Fender 4x10.
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A few months back I switched the pickup on a cheap Silvertone LB-11 to a SBP-3, and it did make a noticeable difference in the sound. More on my 50-watt Orange CR-50, less through my Roland MicroCube (I think 6 watts through 4 2.5" cones). I think the whole chain impacts the sound - you just want to figure out where you will get the most bang for your buck. Maybe try out a few amps with your bass as it is today, and see (or hear) if you get what you are looking (listening) for.

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