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bass hardware question

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Heres a true story, I was in the practise room with Steve, lead guitar, Marty, rhythm guitar and Dean, drums. Dean had a Remo Quadura power kit, I had my handmade bass, solid ash with two budget Stingray humbuckers through my PeaveY TNT 150 with 15“ Black Widow. Marty had his Mexican Fender Strat through my Marshall 100 watt amp with 12” speaker and Steve had his Ibanez Jem 7V with Di Marzio Evolutions, H,S,H through his Line 6 Spider 70 watt with 12" speaker….Steve totally drowned the rest of us out!! I couldnt hear anything but Steve, true story. And the Line6 allowed Steve to programme any song into it to instantly get the actual tone on the record, when we did Sweet Child we had to double take to make sure Slash wasnt in the room!!
Duff wasnt

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