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Sweet. I'd love to have a pet squid
I don't even think I've seen a live squid at an aquarium. I think it's one of those animals that can't survive in captivity.

And they are delicious.
Whether they're tasty or not squids, are cool and you can name them Bob, Larry, Gary and Patrick
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Not intending to derail this thread or anything, but I was wondering if anyone here had touched a live Slovenian? And are there any Slovenians named Bob, Larry, Gary, or Patrick?
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Cant move for Slovenians over here, mostly called Igor though
LoudLon [moderator]
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I've never touched a live squid, but I did accidentally pet a jellyfish once while stationed in Hawaii. I wouldn't recommend it. Petting a jellyfish, that is, not being stationed in Hawaii. Though come to think of it I wouldn't recommend that, either.
Stingrays feel pretty cool. I should make a bass called the Squid, like the Stingray.
johnny [staff]
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can confirm, we are all called igor.

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