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I'm interested in knowing if anyone has ever touched a live squid
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Interesting thread. Not really bass related, but got me thinking…

I grew up fishing the Atlantic off of Florida. I've caught a lot of different types of fish, caught all kinds of stuff in cast nets and traps… I even rode a manatee once.

But can't say I've ever touched a live squid.

I poked an octopus once on a dive.
Sweet. I'd love to have a pet squid
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Not only have I touched a squid, I've had sex with a squid. But it was a dead one. So I guess I can't help you.
Latex Sex
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johnny [staff]
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i've eaten dead squid hundreds of times
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I've touched a live Newt, my pet Newt, Tiny. I call him Tiny cos he's my Newt
i've eaten dead squid hundreds of times
Don't kill squids, their cool and they have ink and you can name them Bob, Larry, Gary or Patrick.
johnny [staff]
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they're tasty, that's what they are
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But can you attach 4 strings to it & create a groove?

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