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Record player troubles

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So recently, about 2 months ago, my record player stopped functioning correctly. When I play a record it plays it so much faster than it should play. It may have something to do with the switch, but it still speeds it up and slows it down, just not how I want it to. Does anyone know what the problem may be?
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Try replacing the rubber drive belt, when they get worn they lose grip
Okay thanks, I actually thought about that but was not sure
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Before doing anything, listen very carefully to the strangely speeding record. I'll bet it's the spirit world attempting to convey a special message to you, and you alone. You are a lucky lad!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Play it backwards. If a strange voice tells you to slaughter a lamb and drink its blood in the name of Satan, quickly shut it off – then go find a lamb and slaughter it, because Satan told you to and you do not want to piss that dude off.
I don't believe in Satan tho but I got some spare goats lying around so why not? Just kidding, I don't have any
Can I borrow one
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If the drive belt is loosing grip, I don't understand how that would make it play faster. It has to have something to do with Satan. Satan has been conveying messages by way of the turntable for decades and he is mad now because Christians are no longer playing rock record backwards looking for the hidden messages.
It would make it play faster because the belt puts friction on it causing it to slow, once it gets loose it would move around a lot more. As for playing records backwards, how do I do that? I've always wanted to try that
LoudLon [moderator]
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Turn off the record player so you can manually spin it backward. I used to freak my sisters out playing the end of Prince's “ Darling Nikki ” backward. What's funny is it was nothing scary; just Prince saying “Hello, how are you?” And something about the lord coming soon or some such.
Hahaha oh Prince.

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