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Finding band members?

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Where? How?

Most ads seem to be looking for metal bass players under 30
And I am neither of those.
I did put up an ad but got no serious replies..
My last band has sort of folded since the guitarist decided to quit playing, I don't like just playing on my own all the time.
You'd think it would be easy in the internet age!

LoudLon [moderator]
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Try bandmix.com
Try bandmix.com

Yes, try that. I've found a few people on there that I've jammed with
Do you get craigslist or kijjiji where you are. Found my band on craigslist. Buncha old farts but what the hell. Gets me out playing once a week.
Also if you've got a Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc you could try that
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I leave messages in public restrooms.
I leave messages in public restrooms.
That's too funny
TheDude [staff]
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I leave messages in public restrooms.
i bet you're in a lot of… bands.
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The last time I was in a “band” was over 20 years ago in college. Back then, we didn't have the Internet to help market ourselves or find bands in need of a musician. I remember the best ways of finding bands and musicians were going to local music stores and pawn shops. There were always bulletin boards with announcements posted, with those tear-off phone numbers to call.

Every now and then you'd see a classified ad for a specific type of musician/player in need.

When I lived in Central Florida, there used to be a local weekly newspaper called, JAM Magazine. It wasn't really a magazine (glossy pages, professional offset printing, etc.) but a black and white newsprint publication folded in half and distributed to music shops, grocery stores, pawn shops. The rag covered the local music scene and had a pretty extensive classified section with bands seeking x, or x seeking band announcements.

Where I am at right now, and the type of music I am willing to play means I run into musicians at wineries and local pubs who are playing live, and conversations just develop. After a while they get to know you, and you get to know them, and the next thing you know you're getting on stage with them to play a few songs, or going to one or the other's house to play some music together.

That's about as far as the pursuit of playing with a band goes for me now. Dreams of tours, groupies, and clubs are a youngman's game. I have no stamina for that rough road now.
There are many open mics and blues jams, etc. At local pubs. Be a good place to check out, play, or just meet other musicians. Local music stores may have ads or sponser open mic nights. If that doesn't work, try Sid's idea and put your number on a bathroom stall;p
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just get a loop pedal!
people are dumb!
technology's smart!

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