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Finding band members?

LoudLon [moderator]
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Used to be I'd just go into a music shop, pick up an instrument, start playing it and watch to see whose ears would perk up. If they dug what I was playing, I'd strike up a conversation and usually end up jamming together for a bit.

Living where I do now, though – so far out in the sticks – there's only one music shop around, it's hardly ever open and the ads I see on Bandmix for other musicians in my neck of the woods…to say we have very little in common is an understatement. Mostly southern rock, which I have next to no interest in, or pop music, which I also have very little interest in. When I picked up my most recent bass I started playing Rollins Band, then some Nirvana, and other guys in the store were like “Rollins who?” and “Lounge Act? Never heard of it. Hey, play Come as You Are.”
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Found my band mate's thanks to my Mrs.
My wife runs a local preschool in our village and mentioned to a work colleague that I was having a mid life crisis and had decided to pick up the bass again after a 20 year absence!
So a husband of a co-worker and a parent of one of the kids she looked after where in a similar situation.
And now 3 years down the line we are still playing together and making a right old racket
just got back from our fortnightly village hall session drunk, deaf and smiling.

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Schoolhouse Rock
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How is a cartoon going to help me find a band?
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Reckon i did get really lucky finding band mate's of a similar age 40+ and agreeing on the direction we wanted was to cover classic brit punk and early motorhead tunes.

Also feel very blessed indeed growing up in the 70/80's with the abundance of awesome tunes

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just get a loop pedal! people are dumb!technology's smart!

Hmm interesting.. be the band myself.!
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Go to a music school and speak with the teachers, also ask your musician friends to ask around them
I've been looking for people to join my band for a while now. I mean, at the moment, it's just me on bass, but I'm looking to form maybe a power trio or something like that. Need a lead guitarist, a drummer, and maybe some female backup vocals to supplement my low singing tone. I think I may have the backup vocal thing covered (by using Vocaloid or something similar), but I need to find someone on guitar and someone who's great with drums.

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