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When you pick up a bass in a music store and plug it in what do you play? I'm always lost for a tune at this point
Lol. When i bought my first bass, didn't even plug it in. I was too embarrassed to sound shitty. Plus there was a guy in the guitar section just wailing away on a guitar.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Tearing, by Rollins Band. Mostly because it has a great groove to it and gives you a good idea of the bass's action when it comes to faster-paced stuff. And of course it makes me think that anyone around listening will be like, “ Dude, that guy can play!”

Posts: 3139
Woah…Lon…..you're……you're….amazing dude!!
johnny [staff]
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Money by pink floyd is my go to riff on bass. For the guitar I know a sweet fingerstyle version of the entertainer which is always fun to play and is my go-to song for the music store.
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I usually lock up and can't think of anything to play. Complete brain fart.

Then I will play a couple of scales and some simple, repetitive grooves.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Woah…Lon…..you're……you're….amazing dude!!

Aw, you don't have to say that. Because I already know.
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I'll usually start with my go-to warm up songs, like Clutch - Elephant Riders, Rolling Stones - Live With Me, or Rush - Distant Early Warning. If I'm testing an effects pedal I usually play Clutch - Promoter. There's also a little run I made up that goes:


I just use that to get a feel for the instrument to see if it's comfy in my hands.
This happens to me every time. When I go to try out an instrument I'll have some killer solo or groove in mind but once I touch a bass or guitar everything I know goes out the window. My go-to is usually Master of Puppets or Holy Wars if I ever think of anything
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N.I.B. or some basic scales, that I learned from here.
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i'll either play YYZ or some jaco stuff cuz im a total A-hole. either that or some of my tapping stuff cuz again…i'm a total A-hole.

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