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First song you learned on your own ( no tabs)

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“i know ” dionne farris

Not a hard song to play but i notice that the bassline was a root and octave majority of song with some quarter and eigth notes in bridge and a couple of slides.

Figured it out on my own with a real sense of accomplishment. I know i deserve a “ were happy for you”


Becoming by Pantera
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Flipper - Sex Bomb. It was going to be my first so I decided to choose something that sounded good but was very simple.
Boston-more than a feeling
LoudLon [moderator]
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I don't even remember, it's been so long ago. I'm wanting to say “My, My” by Seven Mary Three but don't quote me on that.
Well, I can't remember, really, but I guess the first song I learned on bass on my own was “Ska Sucks”, by Propaghandi.
Also, Reason For Existence by Subhumans.
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War Pigs by Black Sabbath.
Sometimes if I'm just sitting around listening to a song I'll pick up my guitar or bass and start messing around with it and can usually make some good progress on my own. Whenever I get stuck on a part I look at a tab and sometimes I am pretty close to the song or pretty off. But hey, a tab is just how people perceive the music, I could be right.
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Honestly, i used tabs for years before i tried learning songs by ear. I'm pretty sure the first bass line i figured out completly by ear was black dog but i was figuring out melodies way before i ever figured out a bassline. i think the first melody i ever figured out by ear was the trailer park boys theme.
Mine was ‘'Cant Explain’' by the Who, it's a very easy one.
Lmao speaking of Can't Explain I was scrolling through the Who tabs yesterday and saw this: I CANT EXPLAIN TOTALLY RIGHT IN ORIGINAL KEY G BASS TABS. It has two stars, obviously not totally right.

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