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So did you guys drop guitar or an other instrulent to play bass or did you start directly with bass ?

LoudLon [moderator]
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I love this quote from Lamb Of God's bassist (I'm not hating on you guys): “Bassists are just failed guitar players.” When you think about it there are a lot of bassists who started out on guitar, but then switched to bass because it was easier for them.

I played guitar exclusively for over a decade and a half – and am damned good at it – before switching back to bass. And I like bass more. I find it even more challenging than guitar because unless you're a root-note chugger or only play to the guitar, the lesser number of strings and more limited chord options force you to be more creative musically.

Link, I have to ask – and I'm not hating either, just curious – if you're not a fan of playing bass, as you've stated on more than one occasion, why do you keep posting here and submitting tabs?
Cause it gives me something to do when I'm bored
Link,I think you may be a bassist stuck in a guitarists body. Don't fight the low octave. It is calling you. Embrace the bass.
I played bass 3 times longer than guitar, I just don't like it as much. Funny thing is that my singing is better when I play bass because I don't have to focus on anything but singing really. I still play it from time to time, may even end up playing it just to make my singing better, and enjoy a few songs then go to guitar.
I will admit this: All the bands that use chords like Kings of Leon are not as enjoyable on guitar because I hate playing chords so much and their songs on bass are very entertaining compared to guitar.
I started out on stand up bass back in middle school orchestra and have since moved to the bass guitar, currently trying to get better there while learning guitar, although I still miss my days on the stand up
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I started out on Bass. Never really thought of playing guitar.
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I tried playing all sorts of instruments in school, way back in the 60's. Clarinet, then trumpet, which morphed into the tuba, when my braces impacted my playing. I used to play a lot of Cream on that tuba. I thought that there may be a place for tuba in rock, but like usual, I was wrong. I tried a guitar, but could not get past three chords. So I gave up.

37 years later, I started obsessing over the bass. I scored a dead guy's bass off Craigslist, and my wife surprised me with bass lessons for my 60th birthday. I have played and enjoyed playing bass more than any of the other instruments. My neighbor plays guitar, so we get together on the weekends and piss the neighborhood off. Turns out, I like feed back and distortion, even on my bass, but not all the time.

I am happier than a puppy in a world full of fire hydrants. I have yet to have a chance to play with drums or a keyboard, but I do enjoy playing with my neighbor or along with a CD.

Life is good, here on the low end.

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When I was in Yr. 7, music class was compulsory. That was my first real time playing an instrument. It was an acoustic guitar. I was alright at it. But at the time, many of my friends played guitar already. Add to this the fact that I love a nice bass line and it was only a matter of time before I picked up a bass. So I technically started on guitar, but bass is my instrument of choice these days.
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I've been playing guitar for over 40 years, came back to playing in bands or jamming about 3 years ago. No-one really wants complex or long lead riffs anymore and there are thousands of reasonably good guitarists, but not thousands of good bassists. So I started playing bass.

It's not the same feeling as a great lead riff, but you can feel and groove with it, you can be really with the drummer, fill the gap or bridge the two. It's a different dicipline that bites you, but there is much more freedom in some ways - and it can be tight too. That's cool.

There's a lot of good bass players out there that were guitarists, you can play guitar, you can play bass. How many guitarists can really claim both?

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