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Who are the Metal Heads?

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I'm a metalhead, I listen to many types of metal so I can't really pick a favourite, I more or less listen to everything that is rock and metal with some exceptions but not that many
I even created a metalhead community where I live !
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I am a self-proclaimed Metalhead, although I also listen to punk, horror punk mostly, and blues. I love heavy music- the heavier the better. I Like Behemoth, Dir En Grey, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse. My favorite metal is sludge, I love the slow swampy feel of it, so I am a big fan of Acid Bath, Down, Crowbar.
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Currently, I'm jamming to Solitude Aeturnus (Sabbathy style metal) Check out a song called Scent of Death…great bass riff's

Big metal guy here, I like all types of music but grew up on metal and play more metal than anything. Big Cliff fan, play alot of slayer, pantera, metallica, white zombie, chains, etc. Play it all, but my roots are in metal.
Posts: 114
Very cool, sporty.ryder…I hear ya! I'm currently learning some FIGHT (Rob Halford) songs. I'm a beginner bass player.
I've outgrown Pantera, can't stand it anymore for some reason.
Used to listen to lots of metal. All the classics. Judas Priest, Maiden, Dio, Metallica, etc.
Pile Driver “ Metal Inquisition ”, cause if your not a metalhead you might as well be dead "

That Pile Driver band just sounds like a knock-off of Iron Maiden. Always found Maiden to be boring, a lot of their songs sound the same and I'm not really into the vocals at all.
I'm partial to a bit of Maiden!

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