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Could you still play if your pinky was cut off?

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No i didn't cut my finger off.

I find that for the majority of time I only use the first three fingers and save the pinky for the stretch note.
Do you guys use all four fingers, three, one?

I watch some bassists and their fingers aren't moving much, just sliding up and down the fretboard more.
johnny [staff]
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Of course.

Check out django reinhardt. he's not a bassist but a guitarist with a hand deformation and he's one of the most famous guitar players of all time. You use what you have You can cut off my pinky, i'll keep on playing
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Nope. I use all 4 fingers a lot. And when I'm using 1-3 fingers I put my pinky underneath the fretboard at the G and D string for more support. That's just how I play
I could but would have to re-learn how to play without my pinky.
Latex Sex
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First I'd say ouch! I'd worry about the bass playing later
LoudLon [moderator]
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I don't use my pinkie that much when I play. I'd miss it if it were gone and would remember it fondly, but I doubt it would hinder my playing ability.
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Are we talking ‘little finger’? Pinky sounds a bit wussy
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Yes, the tea finger (little finger).

Oddly, the OP didn't specify which hand you'd lose the finger from. If it were my right hand's finger, I'd be ok. But my left hand (neck hand)… I don't know. It would take a long time to re-learn everything.

I think CheekyChuck owes somebody a lot of money.
johnny [staff]
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Or Littlefinger

Mark I didn't think of which hand. If it was my right there's no doubt about it that my playing would remain the same. Now my left that would be horrible

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