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So do women like bass players?

It's relatively well known that women don't notice most bass players. What is your perspective on this? To me, it just seems like this is an uncommon sight:

Leave your thoughts/experiences please. I'm not desperate; I just want to know.
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I think it depends on the bass player.

It also doesn't hurt if you have an armidilo in your pants.

I'm not a good one to comment. I started playing in college, and I usually ended up getting too trashed to notice what girls were paying attention to who. Then I met my (now) wife… so yeah… I got nothing.
I dunno, Twiggy was Manson's bassist for 10 years and he was/is pretty much everyone's favorite member of Manson.

But if you're a bassist who's afraid to leave the safety of the guitars, you won't be noticed too well by the ladies
I was never the attention seeking kind. Maybe thats why I play bass. If the women are that distracted by the pretty lights, I'd probably lose interest quickly. I'm more about the bacon than the sizzle. Kinda like a bass guitar.
I'm attention seeking when I play bass. So I guess it's a matter of who you are. Lol
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm a bass player. Women love me. So the rule of transitive property dictates that women must love bass players.
I'm a bass player. Women love me. So the rule of transitive property dictates that women must love bass players.
Quite the womanizer.
LoudLon [moderator]
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More like quite the bullshitter.
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If a woman doesn't like someone because he stands at the back and plays bass instead of being a flash twat, widdling on a Les Paul, then she's shallow and not worth your attention. It's about the person, not the instrument. I seem to remember Paul McArtney fighting the girls off with a shitty stick
Latex Sex
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Women do like bass players, I totally LOVE myself!!!
As a veteran of 40 years of bass playing I can honestly say that we get our fair share of attention from the ladies. There is no doubt that the first performers the ladies notice are the lead singer, lead guitar, and drummer, however, there is no member of the band that does not attract some degree of attention from the audience. It helps a lot if the bass player happens to have a good personality, isn't a total jerk, or someone who tries to draw attention to himself on stage by overplaying his part.

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