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Who's your Idol/favourite artist?

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James Jamerson, Bernard Edwards, Carlos Dengler, Ronnie Wood, Billy Sheehan
I read this so fast I thought you wrote Carlos Danger. Haha!
LoudLon [moderator]
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^^^ That's one “L” short of being a great porn name.
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NIKKI SIXX for so many reason i cannot say them all because there is just to many
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plus Twiggy Ramirez
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Marc Almond
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Chester Bennington (the singer from Linkin Park)
Chester Bennington (the singer from Linkin Park)

Glad to see another LP fan
And you forgot he's also in STP
Duff McKagan from Guns N' Roses, Mike Dirnt from Green Day, and Alec John Such from Bon Jovi (1983-1994)

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