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Forum rules and a new moderator

LoudLon coming to the rescue. #LikeABoss
Posts: 330
they were a joke
I know and they were pretty funny
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1866
Cool, I'm a mod! I promise not to abuse my new status. And to celebrate, I'm going to kick things off by banning that guy…and that guy…and that guy…and that girl…and that guy's gotta go…and that guy…
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I want a word in brackets after my name, even tosspot will do
thanks lon
Posts: 1499
Yeah, thanks Lon.

Keep your eye on that tosspot Marko1960 !
Posts: 109
Good choice, Lon sounds like a cool dude. Everyone is pretty cool here. I always miss out on the riff raff though. Lol
Posts: 135
Congratulations Lon
Posts: 461
A very well earnt position of trust Lon, congratulations!
Nice to have you on board in a official capacity Lon.

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