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Anyone else feel like old, mainstream thrash bands are starting to get greedy and trying too hard?

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Megadeth's latest stuff hasn't been great. 13 was awesome but Super Collider was very bland even though it also has great songs. Endgame, eh it's alright. Now United Abominations, waste of time listening to it. Gears Of War was the best song, the version of A Tout Le Monde was crap.

I'm a huge Slayer fan, seeing them next week. However, Christ Illusion and World Painted Blood are horrible! And now that Jeff is dead, Kerry will probably be greedier than ever. Not much to say.

Metallica doesn't even make sense anymore. I don't know why I'm putting them in this because their only thrash album is Kill Em All. But, you don't know if you're going to get something horrible (Load and Reload) or great (St. Anger and a bit of Death Magnetic).
Exodus is amazing! That's another huge mainstream thrash band but they've stayed to their thrash/speed roots. Just like Slayer, but uh quite frankly Exodus's songwriting is as great as their first few albums. Great band
LoudLon [moderator]
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I don't see any of those bands as being greedy at all. For one, no one becomes a musician not to make money. Show me a musician who doesn't want to sell out every seat in every venue they play, who doesn't want to sell millions of records or who doesn't want to try new things in order to remain musically relevant, and I'll show you a teenager who DOESN'T tug one out any time the parents are out for the night. Such a thing doesn't exist.

All that said, I don't blame bands like Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica for mixing it up and trying new things. It can get pretty damned boring playing the same songs over and over for 30 + years, so why fault them for trying something different? If you like it, great. If not, there's no federal statute saying you have to listen to it.

But you know what really irritates me? When a fan says “Oh, such and such band sucks now,” so the band heeds their fans and tries to produce something in their old style, only for said fan to accuse them of being dried up and unable to come up with something new. I say, if said fan thinks they can do better, they should put their money where their mouth is. Keeping in mind, of course, that those who can, do; those who can't, criticize.

Incidentally, I loved Load. And I thought Reload had some quality stuff, as well.
Did I ever say it's not good to change? Manson changes his style EVERY DAMN ALBUM. It kind of bugs me. He's moving into blues now, let's see how that works.

And I wouldn't say Slayer has changed, they sound pretty much the same on every album.

I do put my money where my mouth is: It's called starting my own solo project and being the singer and bassist in a band. So yeah I put my money where my mouth is. People just make it harder than it needs to be
LoudLon [moderator]
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So, you're in a band. Right on. Now go sell a hundred million albums, win a butt-load of Grammys, have a career that lasts for over thirty years, have several albums debut at #1, and get yourself inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, THEN I'll happily sit by and keep my mouth shut while you bash at every opportunity one of the greatest, most influential and beloved bands in the history of rock and roll.

Until then – let it go, man.
Latex Sex
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Can't comment too much on Megadeth & Slayer as I don't know their music that well.
As for Metallica, sure they've changed, what band doesn't? Greedy? For what? How? Trying to hard? I should hope so, I'll be upset when they don't give it their all.
I don't care what band you like, they are never going to relive or reproduce their golden era. What they do is have the talent to evolve & try other things, keep things interesting.
If what Linkin says is to be taken seriously, every artist on the planet should give up after 3 or 4 years.
It will be interesting to read Linkin's viewpoints in 10 or 20 years & see how he sticks to his current train of thought.
PS. When's the album coming out?
Yeah, I think linkin could be the only artist in history to release 20 or 30 albums that have the same intensity & hunger, the energy & drive that never falters, speed/thrash/rock taken to a new glorious level.
Don't ever grow up kid, you could be the thrash version of Justin Bieber
johnny [staff]
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Incidentally, I loved Load. And I thought Reload had some quality stuff, as well.

Me too. I listened a whole lot to those two albums and liked them.

I don't really care if a band changes its style. The old albums don't become any worse because of it. A cool example is In Flames, they've changed their style to the point where I can't listen to the newer stuff. But I don't love the old albums any less.

I don't think it's greed. And I don't think it's trying too hard. Trying too hard would be trying to mimic their old style while it just isn't there anymore. Bands are made of people. People get older. When they were 20 something they could make kill em all. I doubt a 50 something could do the same.
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Anyone fancy a pint?
LoudLon [moderator]
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In the states, “fancy” is slang for “gay,” and “pint” applies to a portion of milk. So basically you're asking if anyone is gay for cow juice.
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All i'll say regarding this thread is that after all these years i still like and appreciate Metallica regardless of how they have changed. I for one appreciate it.
Also i'll be saving my pennies for linkin's epic debut release

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