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we need a cpl mods from each time zone lol. cpl in europe and a cpl in north america. preferable east and west coast because there is a time difference between which side of the continent you are on. where is everyone at? im central time zone so as i type this its 4:45 pm
In no particular order: Lon, Sid, 5 string guy.
Marko & Slam should also be considered.
thankyou kindly if it was needed i would do it. i spend a lot of time here and as such when trolls come on i get highly annoyed by it
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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We need a mascot!! O______O
im way too protective of this site…. lol its partially because i put a lot of effort into helping people and tabbing.. there was one occasion I filled the entire request page by myself lol
even that dio tab is pending atm. took me like 2 hrs but i sat there n did it. and i dont even like the song lol
LoudLon [moderator]
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We need a mascot!! O______O

I'm a bit of an artist (mostly freehand illustration). When I get a chance I'll try and whip something up.
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Lon is emerging as clear favorite but Slamingerr has both the time and enthusiasm so they are my two and as I'm Big Bro in this family I'll have no lip from you young uns lol
Posts: 2462
Incidentally I wasn't suggesting there should only be two moderators but that we should each vote for two

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