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Brainstorming ideas for new name 4 band

being in stp doesnt mean anything.. down sucked and scotty was still there. the first few stp albums are gold.. thats like expecting the dude from my darkest days to gain credibility by being in three days grace… nobody can replace scott. and no linkin park had 1 good cd. also our band name is grouch on a couch we just were thinking of change
I prefer Chester. Scott was only good on No. 4 and Purple. Purple isn't even that great of an album but Meatplow, Lounge Fly and a couplet others.
And Three Days Grace is a joke
did you just dismiss the entire core and songs from the vatican gift shop cds? uh sex type thing, dead and bloated, creep, interstate love song, big empty, tumble in a rough, trippin on a hole in a paper heart, lady picture show, vasoline, big bang baby, plush…. i dunno dude its quite clear you prefer newer music i guess… 2000s and forward. i disagree strongly tho.. thats like calling best of you the best foo fighters cd lol. or the new greenday album better then dookie.. i cant see it
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Scott Weiland was great in STP but I prefer him in Velvet Revolver
lol im just irritated linkin just said every stp album before their last wasnt any good… and yeah i like velvet revolver too
LoudLon [moderator]
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STP was the business back in the day. Weiland got too freaky for me starting around ‘99 or so, but up to that point those guys could do no wrong. Robert DeLeo’s one of the best bassists to have emerged from 90s alt-rock, as far as I'm concerned.

I felt bad for the band when I heard Chester Bennington was taking over on vocals. That dude's vocal approach is the same in just about every damn song Linkin Park made: sing softly, then shout in monotone.

Pfft. “Linkin Park.” No offense to LP fans, but that band makes me long for the days of Limp Bizkit. I freakin' HATED Limp Bizkit. Again, no offense to LP fans. Though I'm sure that's not going to save me from backlash in…

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LoudLon - STP ROCK!!! No backlash from me!
I just dissed new bands. How does that show I only like bands from the 2000s? I have never been to a concert that the band has debuted past 1994. So that obviously shows I hate new bands. Would someone who loves new bands go see Slayer, Exodus, and Suicidal Tendencies in 2 weeks then Crue and Cooper in 3 months? Probably not
I did just dismiss Core also because I've never enjoyed that album

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