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Brainstorming ideas for new name 4 band

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Then just shorten it to Needless, or The Unwanted.
oh my bad jt i thought u were giving me a hard time lol
hah someone suggested anal earwig
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Septic Prolapse

Post-Coital Drips

Papal Fluffer Corp (or Vatican Fluffer Corp)
Find My Other Testicle To Sit On.
lol i like post coital drips
its taken tho lol
Why do you need others to come up with a name. Y'all sound completely unoriginal if that's the case
lol how is asking others for input unoriginal? i gave my cpl suggestions we had so far and asked what ppl thought and if they had suggetions…. atleast my screen name isnt linkin park. easy chester b
Linkin Park is pretty much the only quality bands that made their debut in the 00s. And Chester Bennington is also in STP if you didn't know. Leaky nipples

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