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Primus — Del Davis Tree Farm (ver 2) bass tabs

"Del Davis Tree Farm" from Tales From the Punchbowl
Tabbed by: Mike Richo

You should use a 6—string or a 5—string, but I have a four with E tuned down
to B and it sounds fine, But I'll tab it in 5 string format.

G————————— |(t)
E————————— |(c)
B————————— |(e)—0———————————————————

G———————9—————————7—10——————9——————— |
E——————————————————————————————————— |
B——0000———000000———————0000———000x—x |

G—8—8—6—6—8—8—6—10— |
E—————————————————— |
B—————————————————— |

There's also a bunch of stuff he does on the E and B strings with slides and
short trills and stuff.

Getting tuned to this particular album:
What I do is I Listen to "Southbound Pachyderm" and tune my A to his when he
hits it endlessly in the beginning. Then, I tune each string to that one.

| Mike Richo [email protected] |
| | |
| Any mistakes in this file, please |
| E—Mail me with the changes. If you want | |
| to trade tabs, drop me a line. |

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Primus - Del Davis Tree Farm (ver 2) Bass Tab

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