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Primus — Ballad Of Bodacious (ver 3) bass tabs

The ~ is to show that its a series of whatever it\\\\\'s
above to make a fast vibrato sound. for instance, you keep hitting
the 3rd fret very fast while you hold down the 2nd. EZ.

In the intro, just hit an open E.


D|——x—2—2—2—2———2—2—2—2—2—x—|——————| sometimes mute the 2, whatever u feel like.
E|——x—0—x—0—x———x—0—x—0—0—x—|xxx—3—| hit the muted note
on the 3rd fret so you can somewhat hear a G
and at 0:35 G|—2h4p2—————|
D|———————x—4—| instead of the triplet mute and the G octave
and at 2:04 G|—————————2h3—|

Bridge: play 4x;on the 4x skip and go to this
↓ ↓~

Ending ~
|—15—13————13————————|———————| this is at the ending of the song, and played at the end
|———————15———————————|——7—5—7| and played at the end of the bridge

Fun song, dont let it get to you. It isnt really that hard to play.
Tablature player for this song:
Primus - Ballad Of Bodacious (ver 3) Bass Tab

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