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Porcupine Tree — Slave Called Shiver bass tabs

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"Slave Called Shiver"
Track 5 from Stupid Dream
By Porcupine Tree

Tab by APerfectTool77

This is only my second submitted tab (the other being another
PT song, Strip the Soul). Any corrections, suggestions or PT tab requests
should be sent to aperfecttool77@hotmail.com. I will do my best to tab requests
The song is tabbed out in a drop D tuning even though the low D is not used. Drop D is the
PT standard for a 4 string. In concert, he usually plays a fretless 5 string.

Drop D tuning
p— pull off
h— hammer on
r— rest

Riff 1
G————————————————————————————————————————————————————| The timing on this is a bit
D——0h2—0h2—0555—3p0——————————————————————————————————| tricky,it will take a little
A——————————————————h3————————————————————————————————| practice to get it down
D————————————————————————————————————————————————————| correctly.

Riff 2

Riff 1 0:00—1:06

Riff 2 1:06—1:27

Riff 1 1:06—1:46

Riff 2 1:46—2:07

Riff 1 2:07—3:10

Riff 2 3:10—3:29

Riff 1 3:29—4:32
...let the last note ring until the end.

Alternatively, you can play the outro as this if you want to incorporate low D

Riff 3

Comments appreciated!!! Enjoy!

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