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Poison The Well — Torn bass tabs

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Title: Torn
Artist: Poison The Well
Tabbed by: Bryan Jarvinen
E—mail: ibanezgsr200bass@yahoo.com

Tuning: DGCF (D standard, full step down)


Second guitar measure, come in



Not at all sure about this, but it sounds
good when I play it


Then ring out with the 6th fret on the
first string.

Part After That (2):


The second part of this riff is:


Then ring out on the 1st fret on the
first string.

Part After That:

On the second part, it is just the


Then you go back to the Verse Riff.
I think he might play the second half of the
riff an octave down, so if you wanna do that,
go for it. It still sounds good either way.

Then play Part 2 again.

Part After That:

You can play either the 1st string or
the second string, your choice, they are
just octaves.
Second part is just progression.



Play either first or second string.


E—mail me with Questions, comments, corrections,
etc. Enjoy!

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