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Michael Jackson — Beat It (the Real Way) bass tabs

ok for those of you who believe that you must tune your bass to drop d for this
song ... listen to wut you are playing and then try and match it to0 the song
... no dice..tone deaf little weasles..

anyway here is Beat it the right way.

Chorus riff/intro riff


ok now here is the verse .. again i dont see why people insist on making things
harder by sliding up the fret board but here is how i do it.


play that 2 times then go into the chorus riff

ok now after the second chorus the line goes like this




then it goes back into the chorus riff for the rest of the song until it fades
out ..

and that is how you play beat it
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Michael Jackson - Beat It (the Real Way) Bass Tab

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9 years, 11 months ago
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So in the intro why go to the fifth fret on D when you can just go to open G? Totally agree on the tuning down E to D. Dumbest thing ever.
9 years, 4 months ago
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Tone deaf? You've got the wrong tuning (should be Eb/half-step down), you've put extra notes in the main riff and the bridge is actually all E-flat, not its octave.

Just sayin'.
9 years, 2 months ago
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Yeah, poster is an arrogant jackass. The tuning isn't drop d, it's tuned a half step lower than standard (Eb Ab Db Gb). If you (op) are actually playing this in standard tuning while listening to the recording and you think it sounds right, YOU are the one who is tone deaf.
6 years, 4 months ago
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Yall gotta stop being salty and just play around with the riff till it sounds good
6 years, 2 months ago
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spent probably like half an hour looking at this, I'm 100% sure its dropped to Eb Ab Db Gb, if it is, the tab is great thanks. not sure what all the fuss was about lol
OP is tone deaf. Playing with the original recording on fecking vinyl, and it’s 100% tuned to Eb. And the tab isn’t even correct. Close, but not at all what’s on the track. Must’ve been trying to tab it off his phone speakers or something, cuz thru cans it’s pretty obvious how off this is. Wouldn’t be as funny if he weren’t an arrogant twat on top of it.
well beat it is no problem for 5-string players or those who use the BEAD tuning on a 4-string base git. It's just fingerwork. If you cant do this on a longscale better try shortscale or the Ibanez Mikro.

I won't correct the stuff above, if you play along the score above to Beat It you will immediately hear that –2-2-2- –2-2-2- is not the base beat in the verse so better train your hearing… even my four year old daughter can now count beats so for an adult it shouldnt be a problem too. Except you're a tab player which cannot memorize a single score. I am opposite way, I learned the beat it by actively listening it three times then I found my left hand is too slow on the first run. But practice practice practice. Or ask an AI for help…
Damn. Bro is more toxic than a halo 3 lobby

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