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Marilyn Manson — 1996 (ver 5) bass tabs

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(submitted by linkinpark232)
X:Left—Hand Palm Mute
Note: The strokes will keep you on rhythm

D: |4—0—1—3|0—0—1—0|0—10—5—10|

Verse: Guitar plays it twice, then on the third time another guitar and the bass comes in
D: |2—2—2—5—7—5|8—8—8—7—5|

A: |——————————|————————————|7—9—5—7|————————————|
D: |2—5—8—7|X—X—XXX|—————————————————|X—X—XXX|

That's the whole song. Not sure on amount of repetitions, just listen to the song once or twice first. If you get lost during the verse when there is no guitar, listen for the bass drum
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