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Les Claypool And His... — 2000 Light Years From Home… bass tabs

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Les Claypool and the Flying Frog Brigade
2000 Light Years From Home (live)(Rolling Stones cover)


—ttt— = triplet; pluck with first second and
—777— third fingers very quickly

les uses these parts as he wishes, interchanging them throughout
the first two lines of verse 1 and 2, on line one of verse two
and in between the verse and chorus Les Claypool improvises alot
too on these parts besides on their playing order

verse part 1 for lines 1 and 2


verse part 2 for lines 1 and 2


verse part 3 for lines 1 and 2


verse part 4 for lines 1 and 2


Verse 1 and 3 have a third verse, in these and on the second live of
verse two Les plays this


Then he plays a part of the verse (whichever) and then continues to
the Chorus:


A couple fills i picked out:


Les plays this one unimaginably fast
Tablature player for this song:


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