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Fall Out Boy — Fall Out Boy Blows bass tabs

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these guys are a joke and a shameful scar on the face of music.
Ive heard more talent from my 6 year old cousin than from fallout
boy's bass player.
If you are a good bassist looking through the fallout boy tabs,
you are probably lost.
If you actually want to play a fallout boy song, dont waste time
looking it up. It's all 8th notes of the root anyway. Thats all
i hear on the radio these days and im sick to death of it.

I'd rather drive a garbage truck than tour playing that crap!!!

A friend of mine wrote a funky song about this garbage and called
it break the chain. He expressed how this art is being turned
into prosessed eighth notes, white ass rythem, and monotonous
droning without feeling. I agree with him 100%. If you agree
vote to pass this tab, if you don't agree, feel free to decline.
Also feel free to leave comments whether yo agree or disagree.
It would be nice to know if I'm not the only bassist who feels this
Tablature player for this song:


how about you make yourself useful and create a bass tab instead of whining about music you don't like.

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