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Eric Clapton — Cocaine (right) bass tabs

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I know this main riff is right

G —————————————————————
D —————————————————————
A ——7—7—5—7—————7—5————
E ——————————5h7————————

G —————————————————————
D —————————————————————
A ——7—7—5—7—————7—5————
E ——————————5h7————————

"She dont lie..."
G ——————————————————————————
D ——————————————————————————
A —7—7—7——5—5—5——3—3—3——————
E ———————————————————————7——

And then when Im playing this with a guitar player I like to add
in Variations between the main riff

G —————————————————————————————7—5———————————————————
D ————————————————————————7—5————————————————————————
A ——7—7—5—7—————7—5——7—5—————————————7—7—5—7——————7—5
E ——————————5h7——————————————————————————————5h7—————

Its a fun song to just jam with and experiment, have fun
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Eric Clapton - Cocaine (right) Bass Tab

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Sorry, but this is the guitar part. Not the bass part. It sounds okay and the variation is great. But the bass line is different.

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