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Down — New Orleans Is A Dying Whore bass tabs

(submitted by linkinpark232)
So I couldn't find any bass tabs for this song so I am going off 
the guitar tab and it sounds right to me. Not too sure on this one though,
so it may be wrong but it sounds good.
R: half rest
^: bend
P: pull
~: hold
Drum intro

C#: 0000——5p3—0h3—5^—R—3h5 0000—0—5—0—6—3/5

Pre—chorus/Chorus 1st end 2nd end
Ab: ——————————6~————————————6~—|———3—2—————|———2—1——————|
C#: 0——3h5———————0—3h5——————|———3—2—————|———2—1——————|

Not sure what to play during solo
Tablature player for this song:
Down - New Orleans Is A Dying Whore Bass Tab


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