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Dinosaur Jr — Freakscene bass tabs

Song: Freakscene
Album: ? (I can't remember what album it comes from).
Artist: Dinosaur Jnr
Transcription by: Tom (E—mail — [email protected])

Apologies in advance as this is my first tab. I was forced to do this cos I
noticed you have no Dinosaur Jnr in the tab index (shame on you).
This tune is a classic. I strongly recommend you listen to it before
attempting to play as this is a pretty sketchy tab.

Bass comes in on bar 2.

A ——5—5—5—4—5—7—7—7—777——————————————————————————
E ————————————————————————5—55—7——55—7——55—7——555 (X 4)
"Seen enough to..." "but i seen too much..."

This section is where the guitar just hits D chord twice

A ——555——5—55—5—55—5—555
E —————————————————————— (X 2)

In this bit the guitar chocks out E and A.

A ——————————————————0—0—0—00—0—00—0—00—————
E ——000000000000000———————————————————————— (X 4)

Then it goes..
(this bit pretty much follows the verse rythym, but just E and Fsharp)

A —————————————————————————————————————————
E ——0—0—0—00—0—00—0—000——2—2—2—22—2—22—2—22 (X 4)

hold the Fsharp for one bar (give it a good hammering before going back
into verse bit again)

Verse bit again X4.
(the last 2 bits of the 4 accompany the guitar solo)

now the guitars stop and you get a solo yourself (yahoo) but dont
get excited its not very interesting.

A ——5——————7————————————————5——————7————————
E ——————————————————5—————————————————————5—

Then back into verse.

chuck in a couple of outrageously distorted and Wah Wah—ed guitar solo's and
Bob's yer uncle, play to fade.

Tablature player for this song:
Dinosaur Jr - Freakscene Bass Tab


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