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Coal Chamber — Shock The Monkey (ver 2) bass tabs

Song: Shock the Monkey
Artist: Coal Chamber
(Chamber Music)
Tabbed by Ben Epperle

Tune E down to C#
All on C# string

|————————0—0—0—0| (1 Time)


Chorus "Monkey"


When guitar goes at the end of the interlude.
|2—2———————————————————0—0————2—2————————————————————0—0————2—2————0—0| (1

Quiet part "cover me"
0—0| (1 time)

This is my first tab so I hope it's alright. This is the way I play the song
The timing on this song is pretty easy to get, and its pretty obvious were all
of the parts go. If you have any questions or anything my e—mail address is

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