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Coal Chamber — Shock The Monkey bass tabs

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Song:Shock the monkey
Artist: Coal chamber

Yo word up guys! I've looked all over the internet
for a decent tab for this song, but I have not found one yet
so I thought I'd take a stab at it!

Need anything E—mail me at DonkeysmackXL2@aol.com

Tuning C all on the same string

Intro (before the guitar even starts slip in a few notes)


Okay now the verse

Thats about it for the verse

hold note then slide

The shock part

c|—5—5—5—5—1—1—1—1| x4

solo part 1


start back on chorus until
solo part 2 w/ hihat

c|—0—0—3—2—0——0—0—3—2—0| x4 then c|—3^—1—1—3—0|
"cover me" Quick pull on the three

do some more verse
another chorus
then go back to the shock thingy
in between the guitar effects.

Really easy guys so enjoy!
Oh and hey Dave Wicked clowns rule!

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