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Bloodhound Gang — The Bad Touch bass tabs

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The Bad Touch
by The BloodHound Gang
tabbed by Troll ([email protected])

bassline at beginning and somewhere in the middle as well


for the verses just do some octaves hitting the highs on the upbeat opposite
the bass drum. classic dance style. i like to slap it and mix it up and just
mess around. after all i think its a synth bass anyways.


pretty simple eh?


i couldnt help but repost this after i figured it out cuz i thought it was a
groovy little bassline for the intro and chorus parts i wanted to know it.
then i looked up the tab and saw it was way off. so here you are. enjoy...

all hate mail can be directed to [email protected] HI #bassplayer EFNet
and victorwooten.com chat.

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Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch  Bass Tab

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I remember seeing this played live on MTV back in '99. That lead lick is actually all guitar. The only bass in the song is the alternating root/octave stuff.

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