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Bass Lessons — Using More Than One Finger At A Time With Left Hand bass tabs

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This is an exercise that I made up out of a song my friend Tony and
I made up. This will help you:
1)Use more than one finger at a time with you left hand while playing
2)Keep your fingers pressed for quite a while
3)Learn a slow,mellow song

::The exercise is in 4/4 time but will be played in mostly in eight
***(NOTE:let srings ring at all times)***

D|4—|——15————15————15|————15—————14————|14————14————14———— repeat as amany times
A|4—|————17————17————|17————17—————15——|——15————15————15—— as desired

D|4—|——14———14———14|———14———15————|15————15————15—————————— repeat as many times
A|4—|————0————0————|0————0————13——|——13————13————13———————— as desired

D|4—|——17————15————17|————15————17————|15————13————12—————— repeat as many times
as desired

this is the whole thing,ENJOY!
If you want a BIG challenge,try it a octave lower but on the same
Tablature player for this song:


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