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Bass Lessons — Using 4 Minor Scales Over Chords bass tabs

Bass lesson about Minor scales that you can use over minor chords

This is just a simple lesson about minor chords
so don't confuse it with major chords or dominant chords!
we stay in minor

the chords we are gonna loop are: minor
minor 7
minor 9
minor 11

Scales that we gonna use are: natural minor
Doric minor
pentatonic minor
blues minor
the approach is simple!
the best way to learn this lesson is to download a program called
If you have a sequencer or a keyboard that loops a chord that's also
good okey.

First something about the (minor) chord.
— it has a root
— a minor 3rd ,3 steps from root
— a 5th ,7 steps from root

— a minor 7th ,10 steps from root

— a minor 9th ,14 steps from root,

but here we don't look at it this way
it's 2 steps from a the octave
which is 12 steps from root.
it's the first octave that contains the chord tones
1, 3, 5, and 7
in the 2nd octave you'll find a 9th (octaved 2nd) ,11th (octaved
and 13nd (octaved 6th).

now something about the scales you been waiting for haha!
different scales have different sounds, yeah that's logical
you say! okay.. well let me put it this way:
changing only one tone causes that!
eventualy you will train your ear to play the scale that
sound best for you over a chord, but it must be HARONIC
with the melody don't forget this!!!

Okay let's begin!
play any C minor chord and loop it

Choose one of the scales from below and play them
in a melodic or rhythmic way all over the bass, even below
the 12th fret, but this only if you control your freedom
above the 12th fret.
(remember when you make a fault.. return to it and ask yourself
what did i play wrong, what did'nt belong in the scale and continue

important is to play the scale everywhere and and in diffrent ways
alway start from root or chord tone, that is 1, 3, 5, ect..
see the root in your mind when your playing..

natural minor Doric minor Pentatonic minor Blues minor

example how to play the C natural minor scale in different ways!

Natural minor or.. or.. or..

or.. or.. or.. etc, ect..

Practise this a hour a day minimal, learn to play the scales
and learn to hear them..
Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Using 4 Minor Scales Over Chords Bass Tab


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