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Bass Lessons — Slap Theory bass tabs

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This lesson is about slapbass
i have put some nice idea's in this lesson for you.

Fist some tips on slapping!
What is important to know when you slapping?

if you are a beginner start slapping scales without popping!
this goes like:


When you have this under controle you start (popping) the same
scale without slapping

Use ghost notes!
this could go like this. Use ghost notes like you would
use a bongo or a congo.

ssp ss pss pss

Slapbass is used often in Funk music, also 70's disco music
and a important factor in this music is the usage of Octaves
play as many different scales and play the octave too.
here you the learn slapping and popping deal together.

sp spsp spspspspsp spsp spspspsp

use of open strings!

Marcus miller uses alot of open strings mostly the
open G string cos E minor is a very good key to slap in.
what is G to E minor? G to E minor is the 3rd.
What is the open D to E minor? D to E minor is the 7th
sounds also good!
What is the A to E minor? A to E minor is the 4th.
Sounds a little bit weird cos it's no chord tone, it
is a scale tone, we can use it it's in the scale!

so that's why E minor is such a good key to use open strings
2nd best key to use open strings is G , it can't
beat E minor, i feel but that's just personal..

A few examples to use the open stings

Fast! medium
s p s p s p s sss pp sp sp

Next thing we can't do without is the left hand slap!

Mark king uses this alot. it sounds very percussive
when you play this right.
When he plays a Solo he starts often with this lick he calles
CORNET SOLO and he add's a lot of neat stuff to it.
you got to be so fast to play this right while you add more
to it you'll see..

Right way to do this is tho hit the strings hard and fast with
middle,ring finger and pinky sticked together, hitting with
the upper halve of the fingers..
(X) = left hand slap x = Ghost note


Practise every DAY! don't let the world down okay!
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Bass Lessons - Slap Theory Bass Tab


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