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Bass Lessons — Scale Degrees bass tabs

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If you are not familiar with scale degrees, it's just a name given
to each note of a scale (tonic, dominant, etc.) So...yeah...here it

1st note: Tonic
2nd note: Supertonic
3rd note: Mediant
4th note: Subdominant
5th note: Dominant
6th note: Submediant
7th note: Leading tone or Subtonic
8th note: Upper Tonic

All of the first six notes in any major or minor scale are the
same. The only one that will change depending on the scale is the
7th note. It can be either called a Leading tone or a Subtonic. If
the scale is Natural, Harmonic minor, or Melodic minor it will be
a Leading tone. If the scale is a Natural minor, the note will be
called a Subtonic. On the Natural minor scale, the 7th note "lacks
the desire" to lead into the tonic; that is why it cannot be a
leading tone.
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Bass Lessons - Scale Degrees Bass Tab


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