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Bass Lessons — Playing Bass Chords!! bass tabs

Bass Chords

This is a really cool way to ad a little extra harmonization to
a band. With this technique, we will be using three different
notes at the same time to make one unified sound.

There is one shape that is always going to be used, it is: root,
octave,10th. This means that we take any scale, look the first
note, and that is the root (root of the scale).Next we find the
octave of the root, which is always two frets higher and two strings
up from the root. Last we find the 10th (when I say 10th I mean the
10th note in the scale), so all we do is play the scale until we
get to the 10th note, that is your 10th.

So if you want to play a G chord then all you do is find G, the octave
of G, and the 10th note in the G scale. So It would end up looking
like this:

G|——4—| <10th
D|——5—| <octave
E|——3—| <root

If you pluck all those notes at the same time you will get a really
nice harmonizing sound.

(Note: You can only make chards when the root is on the Low E string!)

Here are some Other bass Chords:

F G A B C# Eb
G|——2—| G|——4—| G|——6—| G|——8—| G|——10—| G|——12—|
D|——3—| D|——5—| D|——7—| D|——9—| D|——11—| D|——13—|
A|————| A|————| A|————| A|————| A|—————| A|—————|
E|——1—| E|——3—| E|——5—| E|——7—| E|——9——| E|——11—|

F# G# Bb C D E
G|——3—| G|——5—| G|——7—| G|——9——| G|——11—| G|——13—|
D|——4—| D|——6—| D|——8—| D|——10—| D|——12—| D|——14—|
A|————| A|————| A|————| A|—————| A|—————| A|—————|
E|——2—| E|——4—| E|——6—| E|——8——| E|——10—| E|——12—|

Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Playing Bass Chords!! Bass Tab


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does it work better with open chords or bar chords?
this is frankly misleading. bad theory

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