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Bass Lessons — Minor Scale Lesson bass tabs

While there is only one major scale, there are 3 kinds of minor
scales. In this lesson we will be looking at all 3 minor scale
variations and examine the pattern for constructing each one.

The three minor scales:

+ Natural minor
+ Harmonic minor
+ Melodic minor

Natural minor scale pattern:

W — H — W — W — H — W — W

W: whole step
H: half step

So a C Natural Minor scale would be like this.

C D Eb F G Ab Bb C

As you can see, it follows the pattern shown above.

C: root
D: whole step from C
Eb: half step from D
F: whole step from Eb
G: whole step from F
Ab: half step from G
Bb: whole step from Ab
C: whole step from Bb

Now, to convert a Natural minor scale into a Harmonic scale,
you must raise the seventh note by a half step. So to convert
the C Natural Minor scale, simply change the B flat to a B

C Harmonic Minor Scale

C D Eb F G Ab B C

To change a Natural minor scale into a Melodic scale you have
to raise both the sixth and seventh notes by a half step. To
convert the C Natural Minor, raise the A flat to an A and the
B flat to a B.

C Melodic Minor Scale

C D Eb F G A B C
Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Minor Scale Lesson Bass Tab


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Good lesson, thanks

here is another minor scale bass lesson

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