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Bass Lessons — Great For Beginners bass tabs

i'll start with some scales. the ones that are the most common
are major and minor. to play a major, play this pattern anywhere
on the fretboard. this particular one is in D


and to play minor, play this pattern anywhere on the fretboard.
this is also in D


scales are useful because when you play a song, it is in a certian
key. so when somebody wants to play a song in D major, you would
write a line using notes from the D major scale.

to help with knowing which position plays what note, a good thing
to know is the musical alphabet. for example, on the A string,
the notes will go as follows.

A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#

another thing to remember is that sharps(#) and flats(b) can
be the same thing. for example, a A# is the same as a Bb.

a good fingering exercise to start out with is the 2 finger exercise.
you will use 2 fingers and play this using only your first 2 fingers.
then play again, but reverse this time.

after you do that for a while, try with the first and third fingers,
like this
and again, play back up the neck.

and finally you use your first and fourth fingers, like this
then play back in reverse. and you don't need to start at the 5th
fret, play wherever's comfortable.
Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Great For Beginners Bass Tab


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