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Bass Lessons — Endurance Advice(for Beginners|) bass tabs

This is also not a tab. It is to advise those who have just begun bass and want
to do it for a long periods.
Bass Playing is not an easy job. It may seem long and tedious, so it is best
to know how to play through a song. It takes lots of stamina.
The bassist will often find with either a new bass guitar or certain tequniques
that it will be painful in the finger to play due to blisters. The best thing
to do is keep on playing, and then you will develop calluses, which will toughen
up your fingers.

When playing through a song, you will have to be playing with a heavy bass
on your back. Find a position that you find comfortable standing up in. Every
day pratcice playing throughasong standing up.

You may at this point think "this guys a nut." But really, it is easy for a bass
player to get bored during a song. If this happens, try and endure it as long
as possible, and when you give up, make little fills that goes with the song.

Follow this advic and you will succeed.
Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Endurance Advice(for Beginners|) Bass Tab


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