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Bass Lessons — Bridge Song Writing bass tabs

many young players may be skilled at playing but lack the theory
to write unique songs. they can rarely manage songs other than
simple blues scale or minor scales. some good songs the write
lack variety and contrast. i used to be like this but my teacher
showed me a technique thats good for writing mellow songs or
adding a contrated bridge to a fast paced major or minor song.

major and minor tenths of different notes of a scale can be used
to create a smooth feel. you may want to play the root note in between
or just play the notes in sequence.

it sounds kind of complex but like with most jazz based theory
once you learn it you just don't forget it

a major tenth can be found easily like this


the note is simply 3 strings up and one fret to the right (when
looking at the fretboard from the top view.)

minor tenth is just 3 strings up.


take the key of B

7th fret e string for you tabbers with little note knowledge

here are the tenths you can use.

im putting them on a tab board so its easy to learn them.
you dont have to play them in any order. use them as you like but
this is the order they go in note wise

(play the notes together)
M = Major
m = minor R = root note tenth
M m M M M m M M

the last one is the octave of the first. you can go higher if you

you can even slap them

it takes some remembering but before i knew songwriting techniques
like this i always knew there was something missing.

anyway hope it helps and you understood it.

Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Bridge Song Writing Bass Tab


2 years, 9 months ago
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