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Bass Lessons — Beginners Lesson 2 bass tabs

Hammer on

Hammers are used in many songs. They are 2 tabs together so its one sound but
sounds like 2 . They are written like 0H1.

Now heres how you do it. Place one of your fingers on the fourth fret and at
the split second after you pluck the E string stick you other finger on the
fifth fret this makes 2 sounds in one pluck. Keep trying


Good look into more of my lessons :D

Here are some slapping tips


A slap is a sound made from hitting the strings it is a very hard techniquie
which is mostly used into Jazz so we should start learning now. The sound
is very ahrd to get you may not get ti because either your guitar doesn't have
the right sound controls or amp.

But you can try so start off with something easy . I like to hit any where past
the magnets towards the frets. fold your fingers and use your thumb to slap
the strings. start from fret 1 on the E strings and work your way up through
all strings. Yuo probably wont get a good sound from DG unless you ahve good
technique or guitar volumes.

Gently slap these over and over you'll get the hang of it. You can try Strinsg
D And G but i would practice D and A First.


A song thats good to practise slaps is MY NAME IS MUD by Primus it goes like
this. Use light slapping. Try to do ti fast. This will also help your hammers.


Look into more of my lessons and rpactices.
Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Beginners Lesson 2 Bass Tab


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