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Bass Lessons — Basic 12 Bar Blues In A - The Walking Bass bass tabs

———             ——— 
——— BLUES ———
——— ———

Basic 12 Bar Blues in A — the Walking Bass
by: Chunky C

This just so happens to be done in the key of A but you can play this in any
key you like by following the same pattern for the chosen key. The tempos
listed are only sugestions. You should pactice these with a metronome. In
all actuality, you should always pactice with a metronome so that your
timing will always be spot on. Remember, the bass is part of the rhythm

tempo~ 160 bpm

(A) (D) (E)
G |—————————|—————————| G |—————2—4—|—5—4—2———| G |—————4—6—|—7—6—4———|
D |—————2—4—|—5—4—2———| D |———4—————|———————4—| D |———6—————|———————6—|
A |———4—————|———————4—| A |—5———————|—————————| A |—7———————|—————————|
E |—5———————|—————————| E |—————————|—————————| E |—————————|—————————|
1 2 3 4 ...

Play the pattern thus:
A x2
D x2
A x2
E x1
D x1
A x1
Wash, rinse & repeat.

There are many variations to the 12 bar blues. This just so happens to be the
one that was taught to me by my piano teacher oh so many many years ago. :[

—— Variation on a Theme #1 ——

Play each note twice. The first note on the beat and the second note on the
'eh'(1/16th note). The timing should be something like 1 & e 2 & e 3 ...
A tempo of about 120 bpm is a good place to start with this variation.

tempo~ 120 bpm

G |——————————————————|—————————————————|
D |—————————2——24——4—|—5——54——42——2————|
A |—————4——4—————————|—————————————4——4|
E |—5——5—————————————|—————————————————|
1 &e2 &e3 &e4 e 1

—— Variation on a Theme #2 with an alternate fingering ——

G |—————————|—————————|
D |———————4—|—7—4—————|
A |———4—7———|—————5—4—|
E |—5———————|—————————|
1 2 3 4 ...

—— Variation on a Theme yet again ... sort of :] ——

Eperiment with Staccato, slurs, slides, etc. to liven it up a bit.

Happy walking everyone and keep the low end Rock'in!

Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Basic 12 Bar Blues In A - The Walking Bass Bass Tab


8 years, 3 months ago
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Terimakasih… sangat bagus…. saya sangat menyukainya…
kunjungi juga alternatif pengobatan batu ginjal
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you called it 12 bar blues but theres only 9 bars there lololol
5 years, 7 months ago
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Ha! True! It needs the first A to be 4X…plus add a bar of E at the end as a turnaround…et voila! 9 becomes 12.
4 years, 11 months ago
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I would call this more of a classic boogie-woogie style to be more accurate.
hey man this was cool
OK for me,
thanks i leave you a complete bass blues guide:

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