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Bass Lessons — Andrews Finger Speed Warmup bass tabs

This is something that i do for about half an hour a day to warmup
my fingers for speed.
it just helps you coordinate your finger movements while listening
to omething else.
when i learned this i was still playing a four string fender jazz
bass with medium frets,
but know im playing a five string with jumbo frets so as you can
imagine it got much more
difficult for me to do. anyway here it is.

the tuning doesnt matter at all, you're just playing a note on
each fret and it's excatly the same on a five or six string


hopefully you get the pattern by now all you do is just start on
the first fret and then play til fourth fret on each string
and then reverse it. you can go all the way down to the end of your
fretfoard or you can stop at the twelfh fret

after you do that whole long exercise to really practice your
finger speed play this


if you can play that extremely fast then i will actually shine
your your shoes everyday fo free because
this is just that difficult
and for beginners the small (h) means hammer—on to do this just
play the note before the small (h)
and then place your finger on the note after it, it's just like
a slur when your reading music
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Bass Lessons - Andrews Finger Speed Warmup Bass Tab


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