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Bass Lessons — Advice On Practicing bass tabs

Sorry, this is not really a tab. But it will get you playing songs before a
gig like magic. This is about getting your fingers moving and getting a feel
for the song so you can play with your eyes closed. Here are some steps to get
you playing a song with all the little fills and stuff just right.
1. Print the music off from this website, or even buy a book for the piece.
Take a look at it, see if you can play it fast or not.
2. If not, play each figure loads of times SLOWLY, but each time you repeat
it, get fractionally faster.
3. Do not get worried about this and never rush into it: Instead tell yourself
that you will never play like a pro straight away, it will take time. Relax.
If you get too excited, your body will tense and become too slow.
4. Every day practice the song over and over again for about ten minutes,
and then take a break. Then, back to practicing.

Take the advice. It helps a lot, really.
Keep playing,

Tablature player for this song:
Bass Lessons - Advice On Practicing Bass Tab


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