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Ac Dc — Sin City (ver 2) bass tabs

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Song : Sin City
Band : Ac/Dc (there is also an Offspring cover)
Author : KingNappa (king—[email protected])

I've seen the last version, and it was quite incomplete and with
some mistakes, so i decided to write a brand new tab of this song. If
you have any suggestions please send me an e—mail.

Opening/Ending part (00:06) x4
G—————————————————| |—————————————||———————|
D—————————————————| |—————————————||———————|
E—3—5——————————0——| |——0——7—————5—||——0—3——|

|——> this part only on intro

!!!The ending part is played slowly!!!

Verse 1 (00:21) x3 (00:32)
G——————————————————————————| |—————————————————————|
D————2—————————————————————| |—————————————————————|
E——00—————————5——0—3———————| |——0—0—————————————3——|
+————> those are really close

The verse 1 is repeated trough the whole song, and the bass solo
is just the verse without the guitar !!! There are two breaks who
are the same at 1:11 and 3:38:


and a little difference of the verse at the end of bass solo, when drum enter :

Verse 2 (03:23) x3
G——————————————————————————| |———————||
D————2—————————————————————| |———————||
E—————————————5————————————| |——0—3——||

That's all !
Have Phun !!!

@ @ @ @

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Ac Dc - Sin City (ver 2) Bass Tab

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