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Zimmercress — Izzy's Got A Song bass tabs

Band: Unsigned   Zimmercress
Song: Izzy's got a song
Tabber: VexRedFan

Written by Sean Havers
Drums written by Dane Woods
Bass written by Sean Havers and Edward Digby
Lyrics by Band

Standard Tuning

( Bend
) Release
~ Sustain and vibrato
* Palm mute
/ Slide up
// Slow slide up
Slide down
Slow slide down
Harmonic {eg. play that note (x) as a harmonic}

Intro: Low Tone (Soft)
A———————4————————————4—————————————4———————————3—————————2———— X2

Tablature player for this song:
Zimmercress - Izzy's Got A Song Bass Tab


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